Team and philosophy

The architects and designers at Eugene Bolotny`s studio, design high-class homes using selective materials and cutting-edge technology solutions. The results are truly impressive interiors with a genuinely luxurious, aristocratic atmosphere.
This format allows for a large number of interpretations. Classic interior is both noble modesty, and regal, irrepressible pomp. And, this applies not only to houses. The studio designs and creates elegant interiors for yachts, country estates, and even jets.
There is a special wisdom which recognizes that all grand design and architecture has already been invented by great men of past centuries. Classic interiors of French palaces, Mediterranean villas, British and colonial mansions, have not lost their charm or greatness in the modern world.
Our goal is to create flawless facilities, meeting the requirements of prosperous and privileged people, combining their personal tastes and needs with high aesthetic classic styles of different countries and eras.
In other words, mastery and sophistication.